Tournament rules



- Players must have a Rise of the Tycoon game account to participate in the tournament. Team leader must declare a team before the tournament starts. A team may only have two people. During the tournament games one team player should play role of politician and another team player have to play the role of businessman. Players can change roles during tournament games.


- Team leader have to send an email to Alina Digital with two registered ROTT names to declare participation in the tournament. Or team leader can contact Max Sprin directly in Steam to declare the names.


- Players who participated in the summer 2015 Tournament cannot team up.


- At the end of each tournament game the amount of team players scores will be counted. A team with most scores will be declared as winner of the game. If, for example, one person of a team collect 10 scores and another is 0 then 10 is the general team score. If one person collects 5 and another person collects 3 then 8 is the general team score.


- Only one team can become winner of a match. It means if there is a draw then no winner will be declared for this tournament game.


- It is allowed that one person of each team can play a tournament game, if the second person of team is not playing. Playing alone will lower your chances to win though.


- Each team must start the tournament game in the ROTT city location informed by the organizer. The organizer of the tournament will post each team’s city location on the official website before the tournament game starts. And yes, the teams with wins will have a harder city location. It is allowed for teams to move right after the tournament game starts however.


- Teams can participate in any game during the tournament. It is not compulsory to play all games. However, teams will be able to collect wins by playing most of the tournament games.


- Tournament games are finished once the ranking screen has appeared. A game can be rescheduled if there are any unpredicted technical issues.


- Tournament games will be terminated by organizers if the minimum number of teams have not been reached during the season.


- Only one team with the most wins at the end of the tournament is declared the winner. The team must win three times to become the winner. The Tournament will play out in till a team has reached three wins.


The prizes


Tournament winners will recieve all games listed below. Team leader of the winner team will receive email with serial codes for both players of the team when the tournament is over.





RISE OF THE TYCOON is a registered trademark of Alina Digital