Understanding of employment: A Quick Guide



Money rules the world and tycoons rule the money! Let me explain some basic rules for earning money and managing employment in RoTT.


First, though—realize that in this game stockpiling a lot of money is generally not the main goal. Instead, your main objective is to accumulate as many game credits as possible. Unlike what you’ll find in many other tycoon games, money is just a tool to reach your goals—not the goal itself.


When you join the game you’ll begin with a limited amount of money to cover basic costs. Please remember, that with every new circle you will be required to spend a certain amount on life tax. This means that if you don’t find a job quickly you can run out of money and wind up bankrupt. Once you get income, however, you will also pay regional and federal taxes on it.



1- Truckers earn money the fastest! It’s easy – you just move freight from a city to ports (to be traded internationally) and then get paid for it. The work is profitable both for the truckers and the region they move the freight from, making it an easy way to increase your personal wealth—so everybody’s happy. This job can be a good starting venture, and you can do it if you’re running low on funds and need fast cash. Using Trucker work, you can go to the global map and click the Truck button to move your truck from one city to another. You can always cancel your mission if you changed your mind. Please note there will be only one destination per city available to you on the global map once you’ve chosen a Trucking job.


Easy tutorial


Step 1- Click "Employment" - "Trucker"

Step 2- Choose your contracts for the closest destinations only! Do not take a contract if a destination is too far away from your current location. If destination is far away from your current geographical location then move to another near by city ( to take another contract from there ) or wait until the next contract schedule is available (it renews every 15 game cycles for all cities)

Step 3- If destination is close to you and you would like to take the contract click "GO". Please note, it is very important, you must leave your location and go for your next destination once you picked your contract. It should happen during the current game cycle schedule! If you miss leaving your location during current game cycle you can always return to TRUCKER menu and CANCEL your previous contract (it doesn't cost money to cancel your contract ). If you take your contract during one of the 15 game cycle schedule and go for destination during another you will not receive your money (#sum)

Step 4- Open "Global Map" and you will see small truck button available. Click the truck button and the city where you need to move the freight


Tip 1- When you move on the global map you always pay Life Tax to the region where you are going to. If the distance is long, you could lose more money on your travel paying Life Tax than if you earn for your contract. At the end you finish with less money or go bankrupt
Tip 2- If you travel to another country you always pay Visa fee.




2- You can also work company jobs – white-collar work. Players who prefer less travel can try office work if they like. To do this find a region with the highest minimum wage, then try and find a factory situated there (all factories in-game are opened by businessmen). Once you have chosen a company to work for you can start your career there. You will be automatically promoted if you work in one company without leaving the town, but you will always start as a HELPER. In this case you’ll be paid the minimum wage for the region you work in. But the longer you work for a company the higher you climb up the career ladder—and your payment will quickly multiply. The salary for a WORKER is twice a region’s minimum wage, while a MANAGER receives three times the minimum and CEO x5! Do note, though, that you can’t start a career in a different company once you’ve opened your own business and have begun selling market units.



3- From small business to the financial empire! If you want to build a financial empire you’ll need to learn to be a successful businessman (or entrepreneur): you’ll have to open your businesses, buy business facilities and then dominate markets. A Businessman can't be an employee of another Businessman if he/she has already opened their business (though players can always shut down their businesses). You can still earn extra money as a trucker, however, if your business doesn’t do as well as you planned but you want to help keep it open. A Businessman/Entrepreneur can also raise their wealth by purchasing businesses. So when doing business, try and earn as much money as possible to be able to buy lots of game credits and reach the top of the rankings list. Other players can work for your company, too, with each worker adding extra profit to the company he or she works in. The Businessman/Entrepreneur pays the minimum wage, which is then multiplied based the on each worker’s career experience level. If your company has low income and there are too many workers, it may be wise to close the company before you go bankrupt.



4- Gain more power! Politicians get credits by obtaining the most prestigious political positions – as either president of the USA or Prime Minister of Canada. Once you’ve been voted into office you can get one credit. The more times you manage to be re-elected the more credits you can get. Having and managing money is extremely important during the election campaigns. A Politician can be sponsored by any player during election campaign, and once a politician has been elected he or she gets its salary of 1% of the current budget for the region or country in each game turn. Politicians also can purchase credits to raise their overall score with their money.



How to play Businessman


How to play Politician


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