1 CAD = 22 credits







Rise of the Tycoon runs on donation funds


This game is supported by donation funds, which help our development crew to keep working on the game and to cover all game expenses as well. To show how we appreciate your donation we decided to provide all supporters with extra credits they can spend in the game. The amount of credits is equalized by fun exchange rate you can see above. More you donate = more credits you will receive by the exchange rate. Please, donate by whole numbers 1,5,10 etc ( not 1.50 or 5.99 ) in Canadian dollars ( you can choose currency in your PayPal when you transfer your funds. It's ok if you donate in your currency, it will auto exchange it to Canadian dollars any way). Once you donate you will receive activation code on your PayPal email. Registered players are able to enter the code in the game (HEADQUARTERS button in the game lobby).


Thank you for donation! As you understand this game doesn't earn millions and your donation is just something to keep the game alive!



Registration information


After joining the server, players will have a choice of taking on the role of either a Canadian or American citizen for free. As a citizen, players may travel the game world, pay taxes, vote and rise up to become a real tycoon. They can switch to Politicians or Businessmen after they collect enough wealth to do it. Only registered players are able to keep their credits in their accounts. However, in order to have the greatest effect on the game world and discover what it takes to become a true tycoon from the beginning of the game, players may opt to take on the roles of either a Businessman or a Politician by spending small amount of credits at start. Registered players will be able to do it from the credits amount they earned in previous games.



RISE OF THE TYCOON is a registered trademark of Alina Digital